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~ Father and daugh­ter col­lab­o­rate to cre­ate an exclu­sive line of stain­less steel, bronze and cop­per hand­crafted jew­elry.  Alphon­sus M. M. Moolen­schot, Mas­ter Black­smith, born in Ams­ter­dam, The Nether­lands, forges his one of a kind jew­elry in his stu­dio in Ris­ing Sun, Maryland.

Alphon­sus’ craft is com­pli­mented by daugh­ter Regina’s artis­tic designs.  The result is excep­tional wear­able art with a Euro­pean her­itage and a con­tem­po­rary design sensibility.


About Us ~

When meet­ing Alphon­sus and Regina for the first time, you will be received by their gen­uine smiles and enthu­si­asm which will imme­di­ately entice you to get to know more about them and their amaz­ing jew­elry.  And any­one who has the time, will be treated to one of Alphon­sus’ fan­tas­ti­cal sto­ries or two.  He loves to tell what inspired his pieces and/or the detail in the making.

Not just known for his warm jovial char­ac­ter, Alphon­sus is quan­tifi­able in his met­al­work.  Born into a fam­ily of design­ers, he began his study in indus­trial art and design and served his appren­tice­ship in Ams­ter­dam.  He then immi­grated in 1961 to the United States with his bride, Dorothea.  Alphon­sus retired in 1992 after 30 years with Du Pont Com­pany as a Design Engi­neer; now giv­ing full atten­tion to his pas­sion of blacksmithing.

The apple did not fall far from the prover­bial tree!  Regina A. C. Moolen­schot, the sec­ond born to Alphon­sus and Dorothea in the United States, inher­ited her designer genes from both her tal­ented mother and father.  Raised by Dutch par­ents in a make-it-yourself home, Regina learned if you wanted some­thing, you made it.  Nat­u­rally, Regina has an innate sen­sual cog­ni­tion of col­ors, form, and tex­ture that meld so beau­ti­fully with her father’s met­al­work.  For Regina, her asso­ci­a­tion with met­al­work began at the age of 7 when the Moolen­schot fam­ily pur­chased remote acreage in Cecil County, Mary­land in 1971.  That was the launch­ing of the now well estab­lished Moolen­schot Works Black­smith Shop.  It wasn’t long until the fam­ily began to travel to craft shows to demon­strate the colo­nial craft of black­smithing com­plete with anvil and forge, while Dorothea sold his fin­ished wears.  Regina and her brother Jan, par­tic­i­pated in the myr­iad of func­tions asso­ci­ated with these week­end events that formed a fam­ily bond and sealed the desire of entre­pre­neuri­al­ism and cre­ative design.  Regina says, “my par­ents with­out know­ing, gave me life skills, and I am grate­ful.  How lucky I am to have the plea­sure of work­ing with my par­ents.  What a won­der­ful oppor­tu­nity to share time and cre­ative­ness together”.

You can find Alphon­sus’ tra­di­tional black­smith work world wide, with most of his work in his­tor­i­cal restora­tion on the east coast of the United States.  Pri­mar­ily found in pri­vate homes, busi­nesses, churches, his­tor­i­cal build­ings and in muse­ums such as Win­ter­tur, Brandy­wine River, The Vision­ary Art, etc.; his authen­tic repro­duc­tion wrought iron work is held in high regards.

Cur­rently, Alphon­sus is cre­atively hand forg­ing jew­elry with chal­leng­ing met­als that are not nor­mally seen in the jew­elry trade.  Alphon­sus strives to go beyond the obvi­ous solu­tions in design­ing and exe­cut­ing his unique jew­elry.  Now work­ing hand in hand with his tal­ented daugh­ter Regina, together they love to adorn all in their proud designs.  The pride is obvi­ous when you hear Alphon­sus in his Dutch accent say when admir­ing his fin­ished jew­elry on some­one, “Wow!”, “I just love that!”, or “Beau­ti­ful!”, punc­tu­ated with a laugh or exag­ger­ated gesture.